Que son aceites esenciales

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts obtained from carefully designed processes of steam distillation, cold-pressing, and resin-binding. We use only the best suppliers and distillers from around the world. These extracts have more potency than the whole plant.

At Green Way we use these oils in countless products such as aromatherapy, natural medicine, food, personal care, household products, veterinary products and more, replacing the use of chemicals that are harmful to health. Each Green Way natural product is specially formulated for a particular use to help you live a better life.

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Break your senses with the aroma of essential oils.A few drops on your wrists, in a bowl of hot water, or with our diffusers and inhale slowly.

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Digested Use

Ideal for cooking.When taking a drink or food, add 1-2 drops to your favorite drink or food.

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Body use

Apply and rub 2-3 drops directly on the skin.These oils are very potent, if irritation occurs immediately apply any vegetable oil to the irritated skin.